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Paul Garcia & Associates home office is located in San Antonio, Texas. However, we practice throughout the state of Texas. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in all Federal and State courts in the state. We are not only your litigators, but we are also your advisers. Our attorneys are experienced in all general civil litigation defense, construction defect litigation and employment law representing clients throughout Texas. Our lawyers will provide you personal attention and extensive experience in all facets of civil defense, construction claims and employment law. You will not find better attorneys to represent you or your company in non-subscriber, personal injury, premises liability, construction defect, auto accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, products liability, EEOC, FMLA, FLSA, and ADA claims. We have the ability to provide the personal attention of a small practice with the knowledge, resources and expertise of a large firm at a much lower costs to you. We believe that the best attorney-client relationship comes from working closely with the client and working as a partnership to achieve the best result for your issue. We understand your legal needs deserve prompt and responsive advice and we provide it. Our promise to you is that we will always be available to discuss any questions or concerns you have.    


If you have dealt with lawyers before, you may come the realization that actually getting a hold of them can be very difficult due to their schedules and work load. While the attorneys at Paul Garcia & Associates have those same issues, they prioritize getting back to our clients as promptly as possible. We recognize that no matter whether you are an individual, a small business or a corporation, your case matters to you and therefore it matters to us. 

We recognize that some cases will only be resolved by going to trial and through appeal.  But we recognize your case may be best resolved before you incur the costs to go to through all of those stages of litigation.  We will advise you throughout the litigation process of your best resolution.  Paul Garcia and Associates will provide you the best representation available while ensuring your case is resolved at the earliest stage you choose based on our many years of experience and advice.  Our sole goal, is the best result for you.  No matter your legal needs, we can provide it in the most cost efficient manner.  We are also proactive in advising clients in the best practices for minimizing the risk to you and your business.

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San Antonio Office

​6243 W Interstate 10 suite 808
San Antonio, TX 78201

Phone: ​210-340-1818

For more information and a confidential consultation, contact us:  

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