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Our Guarantee

At Paul Garcia & Associates, we are not only your litigators, but we are also your advisors. Our law firm is a litigation defense firm dedicated to representing clients throughout central and south Texas. Our clients range from individuals to large international corporations. We offer personal attention and work experience in various facets of defense work, including products liability, contracts, premises liability, trucking, and more. Our specialty is the ability to provide the personal attention of a small practice with the knowledge, resources, and expertise of a large firm.

We recognize that going to court is one of many options. We will efficiently examine your case and provide all resolution strategies, and if that means going to court, then we are experienced in highly aggressive litigation when representing you.

Our Expertise

Why Choose Us

Results Oriented

Each client is different and expects different results in their legal matters. At Paul Garcia & Associates, we work in step with our clients to obtain the particular results they want.

35+ Years Experience

Our attorneys are experienced in family law, criminal law, business law, products liability, and general litigation. This varied areas of law allow for our legal team to work a case from a unique perspective and we often find ourselves taking principles from the different areas of law and applying them to the present situation.


If you have dealt with lawyers before, you may come the realization that actually getting a hold of them can be very difficult due to their schedules and work load. While the attorney at Paul Garcia & Associates have those same issues, they prioritize getting back to our clients as promptly as possible. We recognize that no matter whether you are an individual, or a corporation, your case matters to you and therefore it matters to us. We take no steps in the litigation process without conversing with our clients and fully informing them of their options and likely outcomes.

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If you reside in San Antonio, Paul Garcia & Associates is the legal counsel to contact.